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E-Bike Rent

Electric ebike test for MTB trails If you want to try an e-bike in Cuneo, one of the provinces with the largest number of paths and cycling routes in the area between Piedmont and Liguria, we offer you a bike rental service in Mondovì .

Why should I rent an ebike?

because if you are not a trained cyclist it allows you to go beyond your limit, discover more the area around you and also have fun with your frends without too many efforts; because if you are a trained rider the electric bike will make you discover new challenges on your usual routes and will allow you to find the flow on all routes even going uphill; because pedal-assisted bikes are not electric bikes with an engine that pushes instead of you but e-bikes amplify your push on the pedals based on the level of assistance allowing an intense riding experience.

Where can I go with my rented ebike?

In the province of Cuneo we have hundreds of different and well-marked routes where you can pedal an electric bike with fun. From the mountain bike trails of Limone Piemonte to the trails of Finale Ligure , Valle Maira but also just for an easy ride in the center of Mondovì the pedal assisted bike will elevate your fun.

Come and rent your ebike from The Flow!


E-bike rental for excursions Rent electric bikes to have fun with friends with e-bikes Electric bike rental for city tours or mountain excursions Rent electric bikes to experience the fun from the slopes without the fatigue of the climb


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